Accounting Software in kenya

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Are you ready to become a software company owner with USD 2000 above income per month?

If you ok, we will help you without spent huge amount of money.

There are a lot of companies and wholesale and retail shops in our area. They all want accounting software to calculate their Sale and Inventories. They also want billing software and GST or Vat enabled software.

We have developed a software with understanding the needs of our customers. For last 5 years, we are selling the same from 15000 BDT to 30,000 BDT.

This application is very simple, easy to use and have following genuine features.

1. Business management

2. Inventory Management

3. Payroll Management

4. GST, VAT and Cess enabled Invoices

5. Barcode Scanning Enabled

6. Multy user facilities

7. Various type of Reports including profit and loss account and Balance Sheet.

8.Mail sending facilities from the application

This December, 2019 updated this product.

Updated details are given below as shortly..

1. Attendance Register

2. Salary Process

3. Staff Registration

4. POS

5. Print Design

6. OTP system