We’re often in situations of wanting to help and be kind to slum youths, but of not knowing quite what they might be in need of. We’d like to deepen our connection to this youth and be of service while their minds seem impenetrable, their problems opaque. Trust me we all possess a superpower, a capacity to give people something we can be sure they fundamentally require, founded on a primordial and basic insight into youths nature that all are in deep need of reassurance. Life is a more or less ongoing emergency for everyone. The slums youths always invariably haunted by doubts about their value, by concerns for their future, by shapeless anxiety and dread about things they have done, by feelings of guilt and embarrassment about themselves. Every day brings new threats to their integrity and except for very rare moments when the slum youth and the world feel solid, there is almost always a background throb of wellness in a their minds.

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