Did you Know that About 75% of Kenyans earn all or part of their income from Agricultural sector and the fact that it accounts for 33% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP)? Despite continuous population growth, agricultural productivity has stagnated in recent years.  Only 20% of Kenyan land is suitable for farming and that land is not utilized efficiently. (Report by USAID dated January 21, 2021)

In Kenya 30% of the harvest goes to waste and another 50% is sold at extremely poor or low prices making the farmers to undergo perennial cycle of losses and further culminating at around 50% of farmers living under poverty levels.

A further statistic shows that Kenya hunger and undernutrition GHI scores at 23.2 the low end of a serious category.

The above statistics fails to add up leaving some questions unanswered. Like Why would a country with such a high hunger and undernutrition rate still suffer such high food wastage? Why would a country at a risk of hunger and undernutrition have its food production stagnating? Why would a country whose food basket is wanting still have farmers suffer losses despite the seemingly available market?

This is where our story begins, we sought these statistics and saw a gap in the industry and as such we undertook to provide sustainable markets for a Kenyan farmer at the same time providing the Kenyan consumer with the much-needed food basket. We sought to provide adequate market with good prices for farmers at the same time trying to reduce the ever-persistent food wastage.

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